Jonny T-Bird & the MPs belt out a soulful mix of blues and originality. Fronted by Jon "Jonny T-Bird" Neuberger since 2009 while attending Milwaukee Area Technical College.  "What does MPs stand for?" you may ask.  The answer is quite simple.  It stands for MARINATED PUPPETS.  The name of a short-lived band featuring Jonny T-Bird and some MATC classmates formed a year prior to the band we know and love today.  Many MPs and shows have come and gone, yet the fresh energy delivered by Jonny and the band remains the same. With five albums and a WAMI nomination, these guys will never disappoint if you get the chance to hear them live!

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"Every track is a fascinating listening experience, featuring a powerful band that just kills it here" - New Jersey Blues Society


"Are you looking for tons of fun in your blues experience?  Then enjoy "Play Time" with Jonny T-Bird & the MPs!" - Blues Blast Magazine


"Go Jonny Go!" - Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine


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