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Jonny T-Bird & the MPs belt out a soulful mix of blues and originality. The MPs stands for MARINATED PUPPETS, which was the name of a band that a few of its members were a part of before they gave birth to this Milwaukee combo.  The band’s founding members met while they were studying music at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC).   Since 2009, their performances included some of southeastern Wisconsin's well-known venues (Miramar Theatre, Cactus Club, Up & Under, The Domes, etc.). Their CD “Let’s Do This!” has been available for purchase since March 2013 and their newest release "True Story" has been available for purchase since June 2016.




“I like the funky stuff and nice guitar work.” Billy Flynn

“Full of flavors of the past, with surprising elements of today. Jonny T-Bird’s second album is well written, clever and a blast to listen to.” Doug Jackson, 89.1 WBSD

'"Story" at times is a familiar tale, with songs like "Born in Milwaukee (Est. 1989)" and "Come & Gone" following a traditional blues structure. But Jon "Jonny T-Bird" Neuberger also injects ingenuity, between the playful tone of "Storybook Blues"; to the subtle and effective use of Autotune on slow-burning "Misunderstandings."' Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


"Successful bands, whether on the international circuit or at the corner bar, are those that are democratic. One of the players will have his or her name on the top of the marquee, but it just wouldn’t work if they weren’t all propping each other up. Jonny T-Bird and his band, the MPs (a reference to a band from the past) are subscribers to the concept of being all in it together. A tight-knit band with a lot of road miles, Johnny and the fellas are a straight up blues band with a flair for flash. On Undercover Lover Ben Hans sets up a nice groove over which ‘Big Dad’ Robert Keelan blows harp and Jonny sings that it just might be time for him to go undercover. T-Bird then adds some tasty guitar licks while Danny Moore plays percussive piano and the band sings a responsive background. Johnny shares vocals with Queenie McCarter on the dialogue of We Got It. Keelan takes a stab at vocalizing on Storybook Blues, a song that opens with Jonny talking to the make believe audience of kids telling them it’s storybook time and introducing Big Dad to them. Keelan then opens with “it was the best of times/it was the worst of times.” Good to know the “kids” are getting exposed to the classics. The 3 Little Bears gets woven into the strange story, too, while Johnny shreds on the guitar. Nice keys by Keshena Armon, too. More of the tasty guitar frames Comes & Gone a song that has Jonny wondering what he done wrong. She’s The Toast of the Town opens with an infectious rat-a-tat percussive beat over which T-Bird adds a slinky guitar. Perhaps the most impressive guitar work is on Misunderstandings, with a jazzy underpinning. The band is anchored throughout by Brian “Bmo” Morrison. Marcus “MG” Gibbons shares drum duties with Hans and Rob Price shares the keyboards with Armon and the very impressive Danny Moore. Cass Struve (saxophones) and Wayne Groth (trumpet) add on-time sass here and there and Max Jones adds percussion. Clearly Jonny T-Bird gets the front and center, but it takes a band to raise a groove." Mark Gallo, Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

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